4 Strategies to Take Subscribers Through the Marketing Funnel

Running a business means understanding its core aspects and how you can further its growth. In the case of marketing, the funnel is crucial to converting prospects into customers, who might also spread the word about your brand.

While you could spend hours creating an email series featuring your product’s amazing benefits, you’re only wasting your time if all your efforts are directed to your existing customers. You need to create a plan that pushes prospects through the marketing funnel instead.

Here are some strategies you can take:

1. Build a Trusted Relationship With Your Prospects

Your prospects aren’t ready to buy from you yet because they don’t understand what you’re bringing to the table. So, it’s your job to demonstrate your value using relevant and engaging content.

You can send free content to your prospects through emails. Be sure to match the content with what you have to offer. Be specific about a product or service if you can, and send out deals and promotions, which is an even more attractive offer for prospects.

2. Show Prospects What You Have to Offer

Not all prospects will be charmed with your free content on automated emails, and so you need a backup plan to take them through the marketing funnel. Some prospects might not immediately become customers but are considering purchasing from your business.

In this process, you need to showcase who you are and what you have to offer. Since you already know a little bit more about the prospect, you can curate targeted content that addresses specific interests and pain points.

Doing that also builds another layer of trust and bond between you and your prospects. Make sure to create content that is targeted, informative, and engaging.

3. Focus on Your Product’s Benefits

When your prospect is already educated about your product’s value through educational content like social proof, blog posts, and webinars, it’s time to convince them to make a purchase.

This stage of the marketing funnel involves comparing your product against others in the market and why it’s the better choice for your prospect. Focus on the benefits of what you have to offer instead of just explaining its features.

More importantly, inform prospects how your product or service can solve their problem or prevent one. You can also match it with tactics like limited discounts, free trials, giveaway samples, and more.

4. Retain Existing Customers

Once a prospect has passed through the marketing funnel, you might think that your job is done. However, that could not be further from the truth. Instead, you need to provide the same level or even more attention to your customers.

Instilling loyalty in your customers also means you might lose some of them, effectively wasting your time and effort pushing them through the funnel. But if you genuinely want to instill loyalty and retain customers, you need to come up with reasons to stay. Don’t let them get bored or lose interest.

A marketing funnel is a good way of attracting prospects and turning them into paying customers. Still, your relationship with your customers should not end after they take the jump and make a purchase in your business.

Instead, you need to focus on customer retention just as much as you make efforts for lead generation. Simply put, marketing is a continuous process of keeping customers satisfied, engaged, and happy.

Alexandria Taylor Cox is a certified launch strategy and tech whisperer who loves to test, tweak, and optimize marketing funnels. With us, you can say hello to more clients and goodbye to being overwhelmed with multiple marketing strategies. We can help you get a clear plan to convert more clients by turning your vision into a simple, profitable system. So, if you want to optimize the sales funnel, get in touch with us today! We’re excited to work with you!

Originally published at https://alexandriataylorcox.com on October 25, 2021.



Alexandria Cox is a conversion copywriter + Funnel builder who helps lady entrepreneurs create + launch profitable offers. Learn more at alexandriataylorcox.com

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Alexandria Taylor Cox

Alexandria Taylor Cox

Alexandria Cox is a conversion copywriter + Funnel builder who helps lady entrepreneurs create + launch profitable offers. Learn more at alexandriataylorcox.com