A Simple Guide: 5 Ways to Generate and Retain Leads

The World Economic Forum recounted the grim reality for American small businesses. Their dim outlook stems from the fast economic downturn that happened before our very eyes. If the government did not intervene, the circumstances would have been worse.

With the vaccine rates going up, we are heading toward brighter days. But in terms of our businesses, we may still have to put in more effort. It does not necessarily mean that we will invest more money. But we need to make strategic moves to keep our company afloat.

With the help of a business consultant, you will not only succeed in weathering this financial storm, but your company also has the chance to expand. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on getting more customers.

Know Your Customers

We highly suggest tapping into the beautiful world of digital marketing. It is way cheaper than a traditional advertisement. Although a recent study infers that end-users do not trust online ads, the same research mentions entrepreneurs should avoid bombarding people with product-focused endorsements.

With this said, we recommend asking those who sign up to your mailing list for what they want. This insight will eventually increase your lead conversions.

Use Pop-Ups and Push Notifications

You might be wondering how you can get people to sign up. This process is a delicate balancing act because you do not want to turn off potential customers by bombarding them with unnecessary information. It is in this step where you need the expertise of a business consultant.

A digital marketing expert can strategically position your pop-ups in a way that will not offend your potential customers. Most importantly, your pop-ups must contain a strong call-to-action that will convert traffic into buyers.

Offer Something Special

You might also ask why other entrepreneurs fail in digital marketing. They think that online ads are the end-stage. But it is not. It would help if you made it a platform to catch more customers.

You can do this by offering something unique. It may take the form of an exclusive offer or an early bird discount. You can even provide life hacks. By doing these, you establish yourself as a leader in your respective industry.

Invest in Technology

Most importantly, your website has to be mobile-friendly. You must consider that most people (if not all of them) check their emails through their devices. When you consult with the digital marketing expert, you must ensure that the email sign-up form is mobile-friendly.

Another reason you must make your website (or even your sign-up form) mobile friendly is that google will penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly. It means that a poorly-designed website will not catch as much traffic as a landing page that can be viewed through a hand-held device.

Participate in Forums

We also highly recommend being active in social media. In this case, participate in forums. When you do this, you get to talk with potential buyers directly. They can associate a face with a brand.

Attending informal conferences will promote your brand. It tells potential customers that you are an expert in your field. Thus, you earn their trust.


The COVID-19 brought so much devastation. It did not only bring death and physical pain but caused a worldwide recession. As we round the curb, we must find ways to keep our businesses afloat. It is a tough job. But with strategic management, we can succeed.

I’m Alexandria Taylor Cox, and I take pride in helping fellow entrepreneurs weather the financial downturn brought by COVID-19. I am not your typical business consultant whose job ends with the launching of a website. I believe that such a step is only the beginning of a lifelong partnership. Get in touch with me today!

Originally published at https://alexandriataylorcox.com on November 29, 2021.



Alexandria Cox is a conversion copywriter + Funnel builder who helps lady entrepreneurs create + launch profitable offers. Learn more at alexandriataylorcox.com

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Alexandria Taylor Cox

Alexandria Taylor Cox

Alexandria Cox is a conversion copywriter + Funnel builder who helps lady entrepreneurs create + launch profitable offers. Learn more at alexandriataylorcox.com