How to Fix a Free Consultation Offer that Does Not Work

It’s easy to want to go directly to your best offer when selecting which lead magnet form would generate the most signups or leads for your organization. It’s the item that will persuade first-time visitors to your site to employ you, retain your services, or buy your goods and services right away.

But what can you do if your free consultation offer isn’t filling up your schedule as quickly as you’d want? Read on.

Update the Structure of Your Offer

Let’s begin by discussing the structure of your complimentary consultation offer. Most company owners make the error of failing to specify the details of their free consultation.

Your call to action may be too basic (“Click here for your free consultation”) or open to interpretation (“Click here to schedule a time to talk about your business”). Your offer should be detailed and provide real value.

In other words, you should make use of “Click here for a free, half-hour consultation where we’ll discuss the best marketing strategies for your specific business.” You may also try “Click here for a consultation with me. We’ll chat about your problems and come up with a solution.”

That will significantly change how clients and visitors see your lead magnet.

4 Steps to Make Consultations Worthwhile

Let’s suppose you’ve been gaining a lot of interest in your free consultations. That’s fantastic news, but you can only reap its full benefits if you make the consultation worthwhile. Consider the following recommendations.

Plan Out What You Want to Achieve during the Consultation

You need to know precisely what you’re going to say and how you will say it. Plan it out so you can flow seamlessly through topics in the consultation.

Set a Time Limit for the Consultation and Stick to It

You and your prospect’s time is precious. You should have a detailed plan of what you want to accomplish and prevent getting distracted.

Make Sure to Follow Up on the Consultation

When you’re finished, be sure to state clearly what happens next. Maybe you’ll send a follow-up email, or perhaps the prospect will be the one to complete the application form. In any case, make certain they are aware of the situation.

Make Good on Your Commitments

Ensure that you deliver on your commitment to providing the prospect with three marketing options if you pledge to do so. They took the time to listen to what you have to say. When you don’t keep your end of the bargain, they may question your integrity and character.

To guarantee that your free consultation isn’t a waste of time, you should follow these four procedures. Time spent with prospects will be productive and focused on getting them to purchase your goods or sign up for your service as the next logical step.


Don’t forget to follow up on any promises made during the first session. The meeting should be brief, and you should state the purpose of the meeting in advance. Taking this method ensures that your prospective customer will walk away with enough information to make a decision.

I, Alexandria Taylor Cox, am here to assist you if you need help from an experienced business consultant in creating lead magnets. I am a marketing strategist who provides a clear plan to get new clients for health and wellness coaches so that they can feel empowered, gain clarity, and add hours back to their day. I use smart funnels and copywriting to assist female entrepreneurs in building their dream businesses and improving their income. Schedule a call, and let us work together to take your company to the next level!

Originally published at on November 29, 2021.



Alexandria Cox is a conversion copywriter + Funnel builder who helps lady entrepreneurs create + launch profitable offers. Learn more at

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Alexandria Taylor Cox

Alexandria Taylor Cox

Alexandria Cox is a conversion copywriter + Funnel builder who helps lady entrepreneurs create + launch profitable offers. Learn more at