Stop Producing and Start Documenting

I’m currently reading Traffic Secrets and Something dawned on me that previously I didn’t fully grasp before.

Stick with me because I tend to go all over the place when making a point.
But the short of it is:

  1. What did you actively learn today?
  2. How did you document/produce content today?

What did you actively learn today?

You can be good at many things but you can only master one. The way to mastery is to learn more about that thing daily. It’s why you should love what you do and do what you love.

So what did you choose to learn today? Did you listen to a 5-minute youtube on copywriting?

Did you relisten to a module in a course you purchased?

Review your notes from the last time you watched?

Watch a video or read a post from someone in your Dream 100?
If you want to grow it’s important to feed yourself on your desired expertise daily even if it’s just background noise while you play Assassins Creed Odyssey (speaking for a friend….)

How did you produce content today?

So many people find it difficult to produce content regularly so they either don’t or there isn’t a strategy behind it that builds your position as an expert.

So my question is why aren’t you documenting instead?

If you are learning something daily I doubt what you are learning isn’t connected if it’s all in your area of expertise. So why not document what you learned as a post or a video and viola, content for the day.

One thing Russell Talks about a lot is producing daily. And the people who take that on for 365 days… Guess what he practically guarantees they will be the ones making money.

You know why? From a mindset and manifestation standpoint (my original business and blog) there is no way you intentionally involve yourself in something day in and day out with the intention of growing, becoming known, and gaining traction without the universe answering back “Well d*** if you insist…”

I have fought this. Tooth and fricken nail. Today, it washed over me because of 2 anecdotes from Traffic Secrets.

  1. When Arsenio Hall was on the apprentice he mentioned how when he had a show (a platform) everyone returned his calls (because he could benefit them with access)
  2. Steven was very clear in that the one thing he would not do was create a show he did something daily on. And he continuously failed (learned but failed) with this mindset. When he finally took that step and created his podcast. (an insanely easy thing to create) He started seeing success.

So if you are wondering why you aren’t growing or feeling like an “imposter” start learning daily and documenting your journey. Everyone loves to see a hero’s journey after the fact and as a bonus, you will practically already have your biography written when you want to do a book deal down the road.



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