The Life of an Entrepreneur | The Offer Clinic | Episode 002

The Offer Clinic Podcast | Episode 002 The Life of an Entrepreneur

Are you a bad entrepreneur?

Do you think you are doing it all wrong?

Here’s a tip… You’re probably overthinking it.

Today Let’s talk about the life of an entrepreneur. Because honestly, entrepreneurship is my lifeblood, and it saved my life.

I Wasn’t Ready to Be an Entrepreneur

Unlike so many other manicured origin stories, I didn’t wake up one day and decide to become an entrepreneur. I was in love with the side hustle. It was trapped in my mind that the business I was growing was supposed to supplement my job, not to replace it.

I was a waitress, and I was mainly interested in having enough money to leave when I didn’t want to work. Or voluntarily have the slow section.

I wanted the freedom to focus on service, not turn times.

It actually wasn’t until after 2 or 3 niche switches. That is just dawned on me that I was an entrepreneur.

Looking back, I wouldn’t say I ever had an entrepreneurial bone in my body. My dad had always worked for someone. And when he did start a business, he made just enough to get by and was always looking for the next job to apply to.

My mom was a business owner, but she had a crooked real-estate business that landed her and my grandmother in jail multiple times.

Other than those poor examples, no one I knew was an entrepreneur. So it just wasn’t an option for me. It didn’t feel safe.

My Humble Entrepreneurial Beginnings

Looking back, my first attempt at entrepreneurship was… and stick with me on this… stripping. It taught me finances, work ethic, scheduling, and sales. It was a great way to learn, but not my life-long ambition.

I’ll repeat not my life long ambition.

It took me a long time to figure out from there what I actually wanted my business to be. I tried different businesses, including a clothing boutique, website design, mindset coaching, and manifestation courses. Nothing felt right.

It took me thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on funnel building, offer creation and copywriting for me to realize that this is my gift.

I was buying course after course because I loved watching and learning each new strategy. It was more entertaining than a Marvel movie night. {And I love Marvel Movies}

After I made my final switch, everything clicked into place. The things I struggled with in previous businesses were frictionless. I started being invited to do Facebook lives and to help in coaching groups.

Clients started finding me, and one day I just woke up a full-time entrepreneur. Well, if I’m honest, I was fired… but that’s another story.

You Can Be an Entrepreneur with a 9–5 Job

At the time of recording this, I am no longer working a 9–5, but I think it’s worth it, to be honest. Up until a few days ago, I was still working in a job while running my business on the side.

It can be done.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

I’ve had long days, all-nighters, and days I wanted to quit.

I’ve had frustrations that had me begging for a blue screen of death and setbacks that made me cry.

It’s worth it. Your success is inevitable if you don’t give up.

So what was a typical day and week like for me?

Well, I started with my morning routine. Then I worked on my 9–5. Luckily I was remote and working from home, so I saved drive-time and traffic frustration. Then I worked on my business at night from about 6 to 11 pm with a dinner break. Then wash, rinse, repeat.

It doesn’t sound overly exciting, I know. It’s definitely not the “laptop lifestyle” I was promised, but I’m comfortable not being at that stage yet. I did and still do, for the most part, take Sundays off.

And I say for the most part because I leave it up to choice. I can spend the whole day watching Vampire Diaries or taking some inspired action on my business. It’s 100% up to me.

And I get it, that schedule was not the picture of Freedom that most people get into entrepreneurship for, but I found freedom in doing something that lit me up for me.

I put in the time because I loved what I was doing, and I know with certainty that it will pay off.

I’m not gonna lie tho, in the beginning, I worked a few hours each day because I knew I needed consistency. But as I’ve created a business I love, I now put in the hours because I want to.

I won’t always be doing #allthethings. It is my goal to outsource everything that doesn’t make my heart jump. But this is the system that is working for me while building my business.

You Can Build Anything

I know building a business isn’t the most glamorous part of entrepreneurship. But when you get past the idea of it being too hard, too boring, or too frustrating, you can literally build anything. Your biggest barrier is your vision.

There have been a lot of fun, amazing surprises along my entrepreneurship journey.

I have made better friendships than ever before.

I can decide on who I work with.

But the biggest reason I love being an entrepreneur?

I’m living in my purpose.

Between the work I have done to excel in my business and the work I have put into my business, I’ve become a better human. I wouldn’t say that I was a terrible human, but I was unhappy and working jobs that didn’t create an impact. AND had zero growth potential.

But now, when I get to help my clients create and launch irresistible offers? I feel a sense of significance, purpose, and mission that I’ve never felt before.

So I really want to ask you, What’s your dream?

Let’s even get mushy for a second…If you could do ANYTHING and knew you wouldn’t fail, what would you do? …and why haven’t you started?


I hope you got a lot out of the show, but the key takeaways are:

  • Being an entrepreneur does not have to be a big scary decision.
  • You can be an entrepreneur while also having a 9–5
  • The greatest gift of entrepreneurship is that you get to live in your purpose on your terms. If you don’t have that yet, I pray that you are working towards it.

You get to decide the value and meaning of the milestones along your entrepreneurship journey. You get to enjoy the ride as much as you will enjoy the success as the “end.” So don’t forget to live a full and present life.


  • I didn’t have an entrepreneurial bone in my body. [03:36]
  • I figured out my gift. [04:43]
  • You can be an entrepreneur while working in your 9–5 job. [05:25]
  • “I’m living in my purpose.” [07:40]

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