Watch Your Mouth: Your Words Have Meaning

You are what you eat from your head to your feet. — Pajama Sam

Who else use to love the kid’s learning-based video game Pajama Sam? (I’m gonna pretend you said HECK YES ALEXANDRIA! That was my jam)

Well for all of you who have ignored that lesson and still ate all the doughnuts and pizza you can manage… (#guilty) I have another lesson you will likely ignore. But here it is….

Your Word Choice Speaks Volumes

Seriously it affects how you feel mentally, physically, and spiritually. Which ultimately affects how you perceive the world around you.

Today for my personal development I revised a course where Tony Robbins talked about a friend and business partner of his.

One day they were in a business meeting and the other party was treating them unfairly in the negotiations. Tony recalled that he said, “I’m Enraged about this.” Another partner in the business said, “I’m pissed,” along with some other colorful language. The final partner said, “I’m peeved.”

Can you guess the emotional feelings, body language, and physical pain of each of the partners?

I bet you can.

What was off-putting and memorable in this incident was Tony’s partner's reaction of “I’m peeved.” Tony recalled asking him why he wasn’t madder about the situation.

The partner said something to the effect of, “because I learned a while ago that when you get mad the other guy wins.”

What is Your Losing Vocabulary?

This made me stop to think. Much like Tony did in the moment.

What words do I say regularly that are attached to my anger?

And when I say them how does my body react?

How do my feelings change?

How does my energy change?

So I love the F word. I use it for more than anger, but my gosh when I’m angry I go on a spree.

So I said it to myself and instantly I felt my body slouch.

A pain in my shoulder I otherwise wasn’t paying attention to became the forefront of my thoughts. And I felt a little sluggish in comparison to minutes before.

Don’t get me wrong I have been learning how to body scan and what triggers to pay attention to more often lately, so this isn’t something that I expect to come easy, but give it a try.

Figure out the words you always use when your angry and see how they naturally affect you due to the mental connections you have made to that word.

Think about all the memories you attach to that word.

How do you feel?

Not great right?

You are super smart so I know you know where I’m going with this… but how about you and I do a challenge and for the next week we actively choose to pick a new funny or light word to depict our angry moments.

Can you be peeved instead of F***ing angry?

I think you can. Because I know you can do anything you commit to.

So let’s do it.



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